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Ooooooh fuck. I get it.

You love it because the voice is comically lazy, and the animation is just lazy ass doodles. It's whole theme is lack of effort and yet it just keeps on going.

This is truly one of the best things you could watch. Funny, thoughtful, and sincere.

Loved it. I got a sincere laugh out of this. I'd like to see more feats of shitting prowess. Like shooting the shit over the Grand Canyon into the toilet. Or bounce it off of a trampoline. Plenty of ideas. Best of luck,

SinSpade responds:

I'm working on it

The ending!

It was kind of ok until the end. you really shouldn't have submitted this. It doesn't really deserve the score it's getting. Probably just because FF nerds touch themselves tot his stuff. But really a lot of part were way overdone. I thought you just looped the omnislash part and stopped the frame at the end.

DC5-bOi responds:

sorry if i disappointed u but i just wanted to see what score it would get.

are you all serious?

If you are going to take all the shorcuts you can when animating then you lines in it should be funny enough to carry the cartoon.
This was meticulous and overdone.
I don't even think I cracked a smile.


Why the hell would you use a racist name for this cartoon?
It's not even funny.
Why the racist name!?

Yeah well

Well....You're obviously a good animator. But acknowledging hat you completely ripped off someones style.music doesn't make it alright.
You animated pretty good but the dialog/animation/music....it was all Jhonen-esque if not completely Jhonens.
It was kind of cool to see a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac type animation instead of just the comic.
The story just wasn't very interesting.
And once again.....the style is SO ripped off.


Well that wasnt very good at all now was it. The last one especially. Overall it was just plain unfunny.


I gotta say. The dialog....was bad. "My turn" "Come On! "Get Up!" pretty cheesy. And the lame Matrix music gets on my nerves.
Its his brother! Ooooh!
Just a typical Steven Seagal flick.
It's an ok toon though.

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